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30 Years of Combined Experience in Military Defense

If the military is investigating or court-martialing you, we can help. We have 30 years of combined experience in the military justice system, including hundreds of trials across all 5 military branches, throughout the United States and overseas. We use that experience to keep our clients free and save them and their families millions of dollars in retirement pay and benefits. We can handle any military justice problem you might have.


SExual Assault

It's harder than ever for a defendant to get a fair trial in a military sexual assault case. There is...

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Computer Keyboard

Computer Sex Crimes

You need an experienced attorney for your child pornography case...

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Credit Card Fraud

Fraud & Larceny

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of cases involving BAH fraud and other allegations of...

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Violent Crimes

Historically, only a small percentage of trials by court martial have involved United States military members...

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Court Room

Court Martial

As military lawyers, we receive a lot of calls asking us about the court martial process. We believe that...

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HelPing Defend Our SErvice men & Women In All Branches of the Military

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We are former JAGs defending Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard servicemen and women worldwide

When a military investigation or court-martial begins, nobody on the government side presumes you’re innocent. They assume you did it and all they need to do now is collect the evidence to prove it. The military has unlimited financial resources, but when it comes to funding, appointed (free) military attorneys are a very low priority. The prosecution has an entire staff of investigators and military police, but the defense has none. The prosecution also has numerous attorneys to handle a heavy case load, but the appointed defense attorney office typically has only one or two, and the appointed military attorney is required to perform the same military, non-law duties as every other officer.

It’s not an even playing field. That’s why you need attorneys who have developed the art of winning unfair battles. We have proven again and again that the government can be beaten.

"It is priceless to have on your team a support system and lawyers you can trust like Keith and Greg, who truly care about you not just as an individual that they represent, but you as person."

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"They will always be remembered as the very best."

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"I have so much confidence in their abilities and expertise, I will be certain to continue utilizing their services after my career in the military is over."

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When the U.S. military is against you, you need the help of an experienced, aggressive, independent military attorney. All of our civilian military attorneys are former JAGs, and we have helped thousands of armed service members of all ranks, from members in basic training to general officers. Whether your case is desertion or drugs, malingering or murder, we have the skills, reputation, and track record to help you. From the moment you hire us, we’ll fight to put a wall around you. You need attorneys who know the military but no longer belong to it. We make sure you understand your rights, that they respect your rights, and that you get a fair trial. Contact our office today for help from our civilian military lawyers. Contact our office today for help from a civilian military lawyer.

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As former JAG attorneys, we represent military clients all across the world, and we are willing to travel anywhere to represent you. Do not delay. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!” — Keith Scherer, Esq.