Expertise at its best

“The firm absolutely saved the day for our family and I will forever be grateful to them for their legal expertise and their guidance. From the very beginning to the very end, they were supportive, responsive and appropriately aggressive with my husband’s case. It was a difficult situation, as my husband was already in the brig when I made the decision to seek assistance from a civilian attorney specializing in military law. They had to pick up this case after it had already begun and had to aggressively repair some of the damage that had been done. Right from the start, they were solution-oriented and positive, yet reasonable about the potential for worst-case scenario. When they agreed to take our case, I was already feeling as though it was indeed the worst-case scenario that was occurring and I was at the point where I had lost all hope for a good result. They were extremely sensitive to my situation and were very detailed regarding what information he would need from my husband, when I was able to speak with him during visitation at the brig. I am a civilian, so all of the military acronyms and processes became quite overwhelming at times. Day by day, due to their diligence and effective communication, I began to have hope that they would be able to turn the tide and that this would not destroy my husband. What I appreciated most from them throughout the entire process was that they were willing to remind me to calm down and try to find peace, when I became overwhelmed by the stress of the situation. Which I did, quite a few times. I was a stress case and they were kind enough to lead me in the direction of positive thinking. That meant so much to me. He they are strong-minded and confident in their decisions, yet when offering their legal expertise, they were patient with me and put in the time to ensure that I was clear regarding next steps and what to expect. My daughter and I were alone in this state, my husband was in the brig and my resources were limited. During this case, Greg and Keith were appropriately aggressive when needed and equally supportive. When difficult decisions needed to be made, they gave me details that I asked for and then allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed to feel comfortable. All of our communication was by email or phone, as they were in a different state, and I was impressed with their ability to build my trust so quickly by their outstanding performance and solid responses. When it came time for the court martial, I was even more impressed and so relieved to meet them. They were prepared, focused, and supportive, and on the day of court, when I walked into the courtroom filled with anxiety and so afraid, I looked at them and was filled with a sense of peace. I knew I had the very best representing the interests of my family and I was not disappointed. I have never seen such confidence and expertise in a courtroom. They were respectful and appropriate; however, their presence was hard to miss. I know without a doubt, that if they would not have represented my husband, that we would not have had the same result. After a long day of court, it was so rewarding to hear the final verdict from the jury, which was the best-case scenario. After so many months of fear, to be able to hear that my husband was safe and the situation was over, well, there are no words to describe. They had huge smiles on their faces when it was all said and done, not because they had a “win”, but because I believe they were sincere in their desire to help our family and they shared in our joy. As I stated at the beginning of this review, I will forever be grateful. I don’t think they truly understand what they did for our family, but the positive results of their intervention in this case will trickle throughout our lives as a reminder that life is precious. They will always be remembered as “the very best”.

Excellent Representation

“Keith and Greg represented our daughter in a very difficult situation concerning the Air Force. They immediately took charge of the case and proposed several options and ideas as how to proceed. They assembled a team to defend her that covered all the bases. The outcome was better than expected and we were very fortunate to have contracted their services.”

Absolutely The Best!

“Mr. Keith Scherer and Mr. Greg Gagne are two amazing Attorneys. When something unexpected happen that you have worked your whole life for and can could be taken away. You want the right people to get the best possible results for your situation. That is what I found in the Gagne, Scherer & Associates’ Team. The communication line was always open from start to finish. Travel was not an issue for them and as the spouse, they made sure that my plans for travel was set as well. Mr. Scherer and Mr. Gagne are former JAG Attorneys and know what each of their clients or potential clients is up against when they take on a case. They are very honest and straightforward. They understand the Language and can walk the walk and talk the talk. So the team is always prepared to win. I really thank God for putting this firm in my path to save my husband’s career. Mr. Scherer and Mr. Gagne are trustworthy, respectable, knowledgeable, professional attorneys, and always on-time. I am more than satisfied with my husband’s case outcome and would recommend Mr. Scherer and Mr. Gagne to anybody at any time. This team’s hard work, dedication and attention to detail got the job done and I was not disappointed!!”


“I have known Keith and Greg now for almost a year and can testify to more than their abilities as a lawyer, but how they differs from others because as soon as you hire them, you will see from day #1 that they will treat you as more than just a client. I will never forget for example, how routine it was for them to call me up on a Friday evening just to “check up on me,” see how I was doing, and ask about my family, etc. This may not seem that significant, but it will after months of facing daily a depressing isolated hostile work environment. You will be alone and should be guarded and trust no one. It is priceless to have on your team a support system and lawyers you can trust like Keith and Greg, who truly care about you not just as an individual that they represent, but you as person. Their help representing my case enabled me to go from a hopeless situation to a best-case scenario for me. I am forever grateful and it was the best decision I made to hire Keith and Greg, who resolved my case and saved my career.”

The men who got my life back together.

“Keith and Greg among the most trustworthy lawyers you could possibly find. I was falsely accused of a crime that could have landed me 30 years in prison. I knew that I had to find someone to help me with this situation, so I did some internet searching. Their website caught my eye and I made a free consultation phone call. It was easy to contact them even with the time differences, as I was in Italy and they were stateside. During our initial phone conversation they let me express how I felt about this matter and let me get some things off my chest. They listened and responded as very concerned. I really felt comfortable about them and I knew that I needed to retain their services. They represented me through my whole process, investigation, article 32 hearing, motions, and finally court martial.

I believe that their experience directly reflected to my case during the Art. 32 hearing, when the Investigating Officer recommended NOT to take the case further, but with political and other pressure it was decided that my case should go to court martial. During court martial their and their team advised me to make some very serious and demanding last minute decisions that only I as the client could approve. That last minute expert advice was probably the game changer that resulted in my full acquittal.

It’s tough knowing the truth but relying on other people to bring it out and present it to higher authorities, and they presented my case with the upmost professionalism. They not only helped me professionally but personally also. They have seen this type of case before and knew how hard it is mentally for someone that was in my shoes, he always reassured me and was very concerned for my health.
I would recommend Keith and Greg to anyone. Very professional, knowledgeable and up to date about military law.”

Excellent and Professional

“Greg and Keith Scherer are very professional, thorough, and effective lawyers. They are very knowledgeable in military law and I would especially recommend them to any Service Member in need of help. They go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the best possible defense, and that you understand every step of the process. They get positive results and I highly recommend them!”

Army Medical Officer GOMOR/Elimination:

“As a medical officer, I was the subject of an unexpected Commander’s Investigation (15-6) for an alleged HIPAA breach and a Joint-Ethics violation. I was immediately removed from patient care, taken off of the promotions list, issued a GOMOR and faced elimination from the Army. Hiring Gagne, Scherer & Associates as my personal attorneys was the best thing I could have done. They helped me stay calm and focused throughout the ordeal, and they made me feel like I was their only client. Their skillful guidance and knowledge of the Army legal system enabled me to remain on Active Duty, regain my role as a care provider while maintaining my licensure in good standing, and return to promotable status-all within a very short period of time. I have so much confidence in their abilities and expertise, I will be certain to continue utilizing their services after my career in the military is over.”

Outstanding Military Attorneys

“They are excellent lawyers with the experience that military law requires. I was facing a court martial for a bogus charge and once I hired the firm the command decided to move forward with an Article 15 instead of a General Court Martial. The Article 15 was dropped, and I was given a Letter of Reprimand after the command failed to prove their case. It was an awesome outcome for a potentially terrible situation.”

Professional and Aggresive:

“Mr. Scherer and Mr. Gagne provided excellent counsel in a very sensitive case. I am a physician in the military and was accused of inappropriate behavior by a patient. I retained Mr. Scherer and Mr. Gagne and they were extremely professional and aggressive from the get-go. They proved fabrication by the accuser and fought until the case was dismissed. They saved my career by protecting me from an erroneous complaint that could have derailed my career. I would recommend them to anyone needing stellar representation.”

I Highly Recommend Keith and Greg

“Keith Scherer and Greg Gagne have changed my life completely. Long story short I was accused of some pretty horrible things from my previous marriage that followed me through my separation, deployment phase and divorce that stemmed from spousal support and deployment pay eventually putting me in an extension passing my ETS date by one year … I was acquitted on all charges and I’m now a free man who will be out-processing soon with my hard-earned benefits and DD-214 in hand. My current wife and I can continue to live our lives without the burden or stress of my ex-wife, and I will be able to sleep comfortably knowing that I won’t be a registered sex offender or be thrown into Leavenworth. I would suggest hiring Keith Scherer and Greg Gagne for every reason known to man.”