Military Law FAQ

Q. Why do I need a civilian military lawyer?

Good civilian military lawyers have experience, control of the courtroom, advanced negotiation skills, an extremely well-developed ability to think on their feet, and experience that enables them to see issues that others don’t. Because we deal with so many different judges and juries (by doing courts-martial in all of the services), we know how to build rapport in a variety of environments. READ MORE

Common Military Law Myths

Test out how much you know. Click on the myth to reveal the truth. Then contact one of our experienced military lawyers. READ MORE

Your Rights

You are facing military charges, your freedom, career, and reputation are at risk. When dealing with law enforcement or command, always be respectful – but you also need to be firm.

Let your rights protect you:

  • You don’t have to make a statement to anyone, not even your commander.
  • You have a right to talk to an attorney, whether or not you committed a crime. READ MORE

How to Choose a Civilian Military Attorney

You get a free lawyer from the military, so have a good reason for spending your own money on one. One good reason is that sometimes the military won’t give you one until you’ve been charged. But know that there are many excellent JAGs, and a lot of military cases can be handled without help from a civilian lawyer. Ask a civilian lawyer what he does that a JAG can’t do, or can’t be expected to do as well. READ MORE

Why You Need A Civilian Military Lawyer

Let’s address the obvious question: If the government gives you a free attorney, why should you pay for one? The fact that you’re visiting this site may mean that you already have some sense of the good reasons to hire a firm like ours. We want to address some of the hidden costs of not hiring a good attorney to help you with your military case. READ MORE

Military Justice Guide

The information provided on this sheet or our website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. Anyone who has a legal problem should seek the advice of an attorney. No one should act on the basis of any content included on this sheet or our website without seeking legal advice from an attorney. With that in mind, please feel free to share this document with any military member who is in need of an experienced military attorney. READ MORE

Military Bases

The civilian military attorneys at Gagne, Scherer & Associates proudly serve clients stationed at U.S. military bases around the world. No matter what base you are stationed at, no matter what branch you are serving in, we can assist you. READ MORE