Any Trace of THC Can Lead To Military Criminal Charges

Traces of Marijuana (THC) Could Lead To Criminal ChargesIn the military, suspected consumption of illegal drugs is taken extremely seriously. Knowing possession or use of marijuana is a crime, but what might surprise military members is that the army considers even trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your system to be indicative of disallowed substance abuse. In fact, the allowable amount of THC in your system is a mere .0001 percent. Any violation of this prohibition can lead to charges under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for violating a lawful regulation.

The Army Regulations regarding substance abuse1 not only ban using marijuana and similar substances for recreational purposes, but go even further to ban the use of hemp oil and similar hemp-related products. Many of these products are harmless, but they can result in a failed drug test due to trace THC amounts in the bloodstream.

Earlier this year, the Army banned the consumption of a particular type of energy bar2 that is popular among service members. “Strong and Kind” energy bars are manufactured by Kind LLC and contain hemp seeds. The manufacturers know that the bars have been banned from Army commissaries and use by Army members, but, the company claims there is not enough hemp in its product to cause a failed drug tests. Some experts agree, stating an individual would have to contain significantly more hemp seeds than contained in the energy bars to result in a positive THC reading.

Regardless of the dissent to the energy bar ban, Army members who consume this energy bar or use hemp-related products may be subject to administrative action or to punishment under the UCMJ if they even have the smallest amount of THC in their systems.

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