Representative Cases: Child Abuse and Other Violent Crimes

Air Force NCO not guilty of child abuse

Air Force NCO charged with battery of a child. GSA’s skillful analysis of child’s social worker interview exposed the biases and flaws of the investigation. Airman fully acquitted, career saved.

Company grade officer acquitted of domestic assault after being accused by estranged spouse

GS&A was successful in getting first General Court-Martial dismissed for speedy trial violation. First proceeding also required two Article 32 hearings due to aggressive litigation at all stages of the trial. Government brought charges again. Through skilled motion practice, we were able to secure rulings prohibiting the Government from presenting expert testimony and keeping out substantial amounts of improper evidence. Officer was found not guilty of all charges and specifications after less than a half hour of deliberations.

Soldier receives only one stripe reduction for striking an officer, receives Honorable discharge

A soldier in Germany was charged with assaulting a commissioned officer following a night of drinking at a local bar. He was also charged with conspiring to communicate false information to law enforcement, making a false official statement, and wrongfully endeavoring to impede an investigation by communicating false and misleading information to law enforcement. GS&A aggressively fought the allegations at every stage of the case. GS&A won an important evidentiary ruling from the Military Judge which kept significant portions of the government’s case out of evidence. Client was found guilty of assaulting a commissioned officer but sentenced to only one stripe reduction and avoided any confinement due to success of our pretrial punishment motion. Client received an Honorable Discharge securing important VA benefits.

Marine facing life in prison for attempted murder can be home in 10 years

A 25 year-old Marine in Okinawa was brought to a General Court Martial, charged with the attempted premeditated murder of his roommate. Numerous witnesses saw our client try to stab his roommate while he was sleeping. The victim received five wounds, some of them potentially lethal. Our client also made three separate confessions to investigators. At the court martial, the government requested our client receive a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole. GS&A put on substantial evidence about our client’s life and background and were able to convince the jury to sentence our client to only 13 years in jail, and can be home in less than 11 years with credit for good time served.

Airman charged with shaking his baby gets no jail time and no discharge

A young airman was accused of shaking his baby and was brought to a General Court Martial. He had confessed that he had shaken his son on five occasions. The government offered him a pretrial agreement with a cap of 39 months of confinement if he pled guilty before a military judge. Based on our advice, he turned down the offer and pled guilty before a military jury. During the sentencing phase of the court martial, the defense put on a successful, sympathetic case that convinced the jury to return a sentence with no jail time and no discharge.