Drug Charges

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In the military, testing positive on a urinalysis or blood test for illegal drugs—including steroids, HGH, Ephedra and other performance-enhancing drugs—is a serious offense. If you face a court martial, nonjudicial punishment, or administrative proceeding because of military drug or DUI charges, your good name, career, benefits, and freedom are at risk. A positive test result will likely lead to the end of your career and a negative service characterization, as well as a possible federal conviction and jail time. However, a positive drug test doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost your case.

Before you make any statements or accept nonjudicial punishment, contact Gagne, Scherer and Associates, LLC and let us advise you on your best course of action. Click here for a free consultation.

Positive urinalysis tests don’t have to end your career.

Even if you have tested positive on a urinalysis, don’t give up hope. Lab results have been wrong. Let the experts at Gagne, Scherer and Associates, LLC help you determine whether you can challenge the test results.

How we work.

Sometimes, military drug charges may be based on a false-positive urinalysis test or the testimony of shady witnesses. Gagne and Scherer know how to challenge toxicology reports and experts. And, we know how to spot witnesses testifying against you who are not telling the truth or who are simply trying to get a better deal for themselves. By exposing these weaknesses, we may be able to attack the government’s case, in spite of a positive test result.

With methods like these, Greg Gagne and Keith Scherer have helped our clients receive acquittals or reduced sentences – saving their freedom, careers, future earnings and good name.

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