Administrative Proceedings

As former JAG attorneys, we represent military clients all across the world, and we are willing to travel anywhere to represent you. 

In the military, you can face administrative proceedings if you are accused of things such as:

  • failure to progress in training
  • hardships, including family difficulties,
  • mental or physical disorders,
  • failure to rehabilitate in a drug or alcohol program,
  • homosexuality,
  • misconduct,
  • failure to maintain weight and fitness,
  • Causing an accident

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If you lose, these administrative proceedings can end your career, affect your service characterization, jeopardize your service-related benefits, and, ultimately, your civilian job opportunities.

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How we work.

Greg Gagne and Keith Scherer will begin by helping you explore your options – and fight to get the best possible outcome for you.

We believe the effects of an administrative proceeding can be just as devastating as a court-martial conviction. For some clients, the loss of a career in the military is worse than being sentenced to jail. We treat these proceedings as seriously as we would treat a high-level felony. We’ll carefully investigate your case, looking for weaknesses in the government’s case against you. We’ll work with you to present your case in the best possible light.

With methods like these, Greg Gagne and Keith Scherer have helped military members save their careers, future earnings, and good name.