Colorado Springs, Colorado Court Martial Attorney

Colorado SpringsBecause of its natural beauty and pro-military culture, Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of the most desirable locations for military assignment. Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst places to face a court martial.

If you are accused of breaking laws under the United State Military Code of Justice, and are going to be tried at a court martial, you may face losing everything you love about your life and military career in Colorado Springs. If you want your best chance to be exonerated and resume your military career in the Air Force or Army in Colorado Springs, CO, you should talk to an experienced court martial attorney immediately.

If your case is being brought to a General Court-Martial, the process will begin with an Article 32 investigation, which includes a courtroom hearing. It’s essential that your aggressive trial defense begins at this stage.  The prosecutors will give a preview of what they intend to do and what their witnesses will say at the court martial. A good military attorney will use this opportunity to lock the witnesses into their stories, uncover hidden evidence, detect lies and mistakes, and lay the foundation for having expert consultants approved to help at trial.

In many court martial trials, the accused will often (if not always) be presumed guilty when the case begins, regardless of whether it is handled by a judge alone or by a jury. The law says you are presumed innocent, but the emotional reality at the beginning of a trial is quite different. Your military lawyer’s assignment is to turn that around. The good news is that military judges and jurors do a good job keeping an open mind. Even if they start the case learning towards a conviction, they can be persuaded to go your way. Based on our experience, our broad knowledge of military judges and jurors, our ability to anticipate prosecution tactics, and the unique facts of the case, we will determine whether or not to have a judge, jury, or both hear the case. At the court martial, our attorneys will skillfully implement the defense plan that they have created on your behalf.  Having a court martial attorney represent you will give you hope for a result that you once thought impossible.

If you have been charged with a crime in Colorado Springs, whether it’s sexual assault, possession of child pornography, larceny and fraud, or AWOL/Desertion, contact an experienced court martial attorney. Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC are ready to fight for your rights in Colorado today.

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