What Benefit Does Hiring a Former JAG Give My Case?

2Q. What Benefit Does Hiring a Former JAG Give My Case?

Military court is a unique environment. Not knowing the rules and moods of a military courtroom can be fatal. Understanding the military mindset helps an attorney connect with juries and know how to sell what works. It’s also good to have a civilian attorney who can project a military image.

In addition, crucial decisions are made during trial while it is in progress, often with only seconds to choose a course of action.  Objections are a good example of this phenomenon.  The reason that court-martial experience (meaning lots of courts, not necessarily “40 years of military service” or even “40 years of experience”) is important because you don’t have time to sit back and research your next move very often. Because the military courtroom environment is unique, having rapid-fire decision-making skills in that specific environment is crucially important. Trial experience in state or federal court simply isn’t equal to court-martial experience.

This is also a reason why even the most intelligent and talented new attorneys need help and guidance as they navigate the trial process.  If you don’t have the proper knowledge and the ability to act on it at a moment’s notice, opportunities to succeed can pass you by in the blink of an eye.  This is the value of having attorneys who have done court-martial work on a regular basis for many years on your side.

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