Fort Knox Sexual Assault Civilian Military Trial Lawyers

GSA1When you are a dedicated soldier stationed at Fort Knox, you put your life on the line for your country. You navigate unsafe situations with gusto and strength. You trust your country and your leaders with all your heart.

When you arrived in Fort Knox, you truly believed that this trust would never be broken. Your love for your job, your duty, and your military family would remain steadfast and true. For you, the military isn’t just a job. It’s a job and a family.

When you are accused of sexual assault in the place you called both your home and work place, it is likely that you are feeling intense pangs of betrayal and disloyalty.  The reality is that military sexual assault laws are constantly changing as the government intensifies its commitment to raising the number of convictions. The government aims to bring an increase in convictions, regardless of whether they are right and just.

It’s more challenging than ever before for a military defendant to seek a fair and just trial during a military sexual assault case, due to the heightened media attention focused on sexual allegations in the military, deeply flawed statistics, and the highly politicized handling of these issues.

Article 120 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice has expanded the definition of what sexual assault in the military is, increasing the ambiguity of charges and increasing the likelihood for wrongful convictions. When alcohol, sexual interaction, and even heavy petting are involved, you are at risk for being charged with sexual assault in the military. The definition is broad, but the allegations are always severe.

With this knowledge, it is common that defendants of Fort Knox military sexual assault feel distressed and hopeless. Your livelihood is being wrongfully taken away from you due to gravely unjust charges.

As civilian military attorneys at Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC, we know that the battle you’re facing started long before you ever stepped foot in a courtroom near Fort Knox. As military trial lawyers experienced with sexual assault defenses for defendants from Fort Knox and other military bases, we make it our goal to provide you confidential consultations and defend you through and through.

At Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC, we have a track record of defending sexual assault allegations and winning, despite the increasingly bleak legal sphere. If you have been told that there are sexual allegations against you at Fort Knox, be sure to contact our office today and start the necessary conversation.

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