Fort Knox Fraternization Charge

GSA6As an Army serviceman or servicewoman at Fort Knox, certain relationships are prohibited. Simply put, military members are not entirely free to associate with anyone they want.

There are two articles under the UCMJ that define “proper” relationships, as well as “improper” ones: Article 92 and Article 134. Article 134 refers specifically to “fraternization,” or, an inappropriate relationship between an officer and an enlisted member.

The military views these relationships as compromising to good order and discipline. They also believe these relationships dishonor the officer corps.

Allegations of an unprofessional relationship are some of the most common cases we handle at Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC. Our former JAG attorneys are aggressive when dealing with fraternization issues and aren’t afraid to take them to a court-martial to ensure their clients don’t get treated unfairly.

If you have been accused of fraternization while stationed at Fort Knox, it is critical that you are aware of the possible consequences if charged. A conviction can destroy you career, result in jail time, and have severe financial ramifications. At minimum, it can destroy your reputation and chance of future promotion.

Contact our office today if you’re facing fraternization charges. Speaking with one of our civilian military attorneys is the first step in fighting these charges. We will conduct a thorough investigation of you case and identify all potential defense strategies.

Photo Credit: The National Guard via Compfight cc