Fraud and Larceny Military Defense Lawyer for Fort Knox

GSA4Let’s face it, you have a lot to worry about as a serviceman or servicewoman at Fort Knox in KY. There are countless rules of conduct and regulations for every aspect of your life in the service. Keeping abreast of all of these, keeping them sorted out in your head, can be next to impossible.

However, this is a feat that the government expects you to be able to handle on top of everything else they are asking you to do for our country. You may have violated one of these rules, then, and not even know it—but the government will hold you accountable nonetheless.

One common snare that we often see service members fall into is an allegation of fraud or larceny. The government shells out billions of dollars each year to the Army Budget alone ($129.7 billion for 2014), so it is not surprising, then, that they would take allegations of service members stealing military money very seriously.

If you are based at Fort Knox in Kentucky and have been accused of reporting false information for the purposes of obtaining a higher BAH rate, or any other allegations of entitlement or reimbursement fraud, such as presenting phony invoices for the reimbursement of TDY expenses, you need a civilian military defense attorney who has the experience with these types of cases.

At Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC, we are former JAGs who know the military inside and out. We have a very successful track record defending military members’ rights. We defend all members of the armed forces, from members in basic training to high-ranking officers.

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