Warrior Discount

Over our many years of defending military personnel, we have had the privilege to represent members in all branches of service who have had one or more deployments. Many of our clients have experienced combat. This is not a coincidence. We work with forensic psychologists on a regular basis, and it’s clear that the effects of deployment and combat often lead to misconduct either in the forward area or upon return to the States.

PTSD, adjustment and mood disorders, and the disruptive impact of a deployment on one’s family life often cause service members to engage in uncharacteristic behavior that subjects them to administrative or UCMJ action.

In addition, combat veterans commonly “self medicate” in an attempt to deal with these issues, resulting in alcohol abuse or the use of illegal drugs. All too often, the military turns its back on those who have gotten into trouble during or after a deployment, and it’s not unusual for the military to totally disregard the member’s honorable service and ignore the real problems caused by serving in combat.

We understand what you are going through, and we are committed to using our experience to ensure you are treated fairly. We provide discounted rates to clients who have deployed to a forward area.

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