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The Department of Defense’s website indicates that Davis-Monthan Air Force Base has a population of 6,526 active duty members, as well as 8,427 family members, 323 reservists, and 1,437 civilians. Whenever a large group of people live and work together so closely, there are bound to be allegations of criminal conduct. As a military member, being accused of a crime is an extremely serious issue. The military criminal justice system is significantly less defendant-friendly than its civilian counterpart and is designed to impose swift and decisive punishment for those who are found guilty. Military members also have significantly more to lose than civilian defendants accused of the same or similar crimes. In addition to potential incarceration, servicemen and women can lose their jobs, their future in the military, their military benefits, and may even be required to pay back the cost of their military education or their enlistment bonus. In addition, military members who are convicted of a crime and discharged can experience significant difficulty in obtaining a civilian job.

The military criminal justice system differs in many important respects from the civilian justice system and requires significant legal training to successfully navigate. Important rules of evidence and procedure are significantly different and might be unrecognizable to an attorney who has never had experience in the military courts. In addition, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) criminalizes certain conduct that would be non-criminal if engaged in by a civilian. As a result, it is extremely important for military members who are accused of crimes to retain an attorney familiar with the military criminal justice system and a track record of success defending military members accused of crimes.

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If you are a member of the military in or around Davis-Monthan Base in Tucson, Arizona and are facing criminal charges, you should always have the highest quality of representation from an attorney who understands the unique issues involved in the military criminal justice system. When you call the law firm of Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC, you can be sure that you will consult with an experienced military defense attorney who has the skills and knowledge necessary to defend your rights and who has served as part of the Judge Advocate General’s Corp (JAG). Please do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation by calling 1-877-867-5247 or by using our online contact form.