How The Military Punishes Convicted Sex Offenders and How a Military Defense Attorney Can Help You Avoid It

How the military handles sexual crime convictions

Military members found guilty of sexual assault, child pornography, or other sex offenses face a wide variety of potential penalties. The sentence issued in each particular case can vary widely depending on the nature of the charges and the particular jury or judge who heard the case. Sentences can include some or all of the following:

  • Dishonorable discharge
  • Civilian sex offender registration
  • Lengthy prison sentence
  • Life in prison
  • Death penalty (for certain offenses such as child rape)
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While some military members receive no confinement at all, this almost never happens. Others have recently sentences of up to 144 years in prison. The Associated Press recently reported1 that 61 percent of the 1,233 offenders in military prisons received sex crime convictions, demonstrating that prison time is a very common sentence for this type of crime.

How a Lawyer can Help You

The main goal to assist a military member in avoiding the possibly serious penalties for a sex offense is to strive for a verdict of not guilty. This can often be achieved by challenging the validity and persuasiveness accuracy of any evidence against you, and by providing evidence in your defense. If there is overwhelming evidence against you – when there’s a clear confession, plus eyewitnesses, plus physical evidence, etc. – the focus might change to developing a strategy for getting a soft sentence that, ideally, won’t include prison time. In any event, the chances of receiving a not guilty verdict or a reduced sentence greatly increase with the assistance of an experienced defense attorney.

Find out how a skilled military criminal defense attorney can help you

It is important to avoid conviction for any type of military criminal offense, especially sex offenses. A conviction can and likely will compromise your life for a substantial amount of time. It can also hurt those you love.  The military criminal defense lawyers at the law office of Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC have extensive firsthand experience with the military legal process and will always strive to protect your rights. Call today at 877-867-5247 to learn more about how we can help you.