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Military Drug ChargeUnder Article 112a of UCMJ, the use of drugs (controlled substances) is illegal and can lead to severe penalties, including dishonorable discharge, forfeiture or pay, loss rank, career, benefits, and retirement.

If you have “failed” a military drug test at a base in San Antonio, you’re probably afraid that your future in the military will now abruptly come to an end. Don’t give up hope. Contact an experienced military drug attorney to help fight for your case, your rights, and your honor, so you can stay in the military in San Antonio, Texas.

Drug Charges in the Military

Over the years, we have represented servicemen and women accused of misusing marijuana, over-the-counter drugs, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, steroids, and more.

Even if you test positive, it is important to remember that you do not have to plead guilty. If other lawyers are telling you that is your only realistic option, they are wrong.

One way to challenge a drug case is to show that the government can’t prove that you knowingly ingested the drug. It might sound ludicrous to your commander, but there is a well-established body of science proving that it is entirely possible to consume a controlled substance but never feel its effects. A microscopic amount of cocaine can easily get into your body through contaminated food, drinks, or countertops at restaurants and bars.

The military drug testing process has been shown numerous times to be riddled with mistakes. Your military drug attorney needs to know how to examine every step of the test, from the collection of blood or urine, through the delivery process, to the end of reporting the test results, to see if there were any significant mistakes that can help you win your case at trial.

If you have been charged with or are being investigated for drug use in San Antonio, Texas, do not listen to your friends’ advice, don’t try agree to talk to investigators, and don’t try to explain yourself to your chain of command. Instead, call an experienced drug crime attorney as soon as you can. Whether you go to an administrative hearing, Summary Court-Martial, Special Court-Martial, or General Court-Martial, you do not want to say anything that the government can use against you. Saying something to your friend, your parents, your first sergeant, or your commander is the same as saying it to an investigator.

One of the hardest cases to defend is a test result showing marijuana use. At Gagne, Scherer & Associate, LLC we have experience handling and winning marijuana drug crime cases where our clients do not plead guilty. Every case is unique, even a marijuana case, and should be looked at individually.

For example, we represented an Air Force officer that allegedly tested positive for marijuana. Our drug crime lawyers wanted to take the case to trial, but the case went straight to a show-cause board instead. At a show-cause board, the government doesn’t have to show proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The job is much easier: all they have to show is that it’s more likely than not that the accused knowingly used drugs. The lower standard of proof makes a marijuana case extremely difficult to beat at a board. However, our drug attorneys demonstrated that there were lab errors, mistakes with the collection and transportation of the specimen, and that lab personnel who did the test had a history of mistakes and misconduct. Our client’s Air Force career was saved, and the board members sought out the client to offer future support in her service to the nation.

For drug cases, including marijuana, it is essential that you work with a drug crime attorney that is ready to fight with any little piece of evidence provided to them.

Let a military drug crime attorney look through all the details of your case and call in experts and witnesses if necessary. Do not let your military career in San Antonio slip away because of a drug charge.

At Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC, our drug crime attorneys have plenty of success stories to share regarding drug crime.

How We Work

We do not let you plead guilty unless it is your best option. We will not stop fighting until you have received the best possible outcome. We will answer all of your questions, lead you through the military legal process, and do everything we can to save your career at a military base in San Antonio, Texas.

Our civilian military lawyers are former Air Force JAGs and have experience inside of military and civilian courtrooms. We understand what works best for each trial and will use individually-tailored strategic defenses in your drug case. Even though we have been defending military drug cases for many years, we look at each drug case as a unique challenge.

If you have been accused with drug use in San Antonio, Texas, your best option is to talk to an experienced military drug crime attorney. Our attorneys fight to keep you out of jail, restore your good reputation, and get your career back on track. Our military drug lawyers are here to provide you with the most favorable outcome possible after being charged with drug offenses under Article 112a. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your case in San Antonio, Texas.

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