Reasons To Avoid a Military Sex Conviction At All Costs

Why you should avoid military sex crime convictions

With the increased media and congressional attention on alleged military sex crimes, more and more military members are facing false accusations of sexual assault and other sex offenses. When you are facing such accusations, you need to avoid a conviction whenever possible because of the severity of some of the penalties for these convictions.

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Prison time – While sentencing for sex offenses in the military can vary widely, confinement in a military prison is almost always part of the sentence. Spending time in prison is always a frightening prospect. Your freedom is taken from you and you’re penned-in with strangers who have also been convicted of serious offenses. In addition to being separated from society, you might become alienated from your spouse, children, and other family or friends.

Civilian sex offender registration – The Jacob Wetterling Act of 19941 requires states to keep track of convicted sex offenders through an official registry, and this requirement is no different for military members. If convicted of certain offenses, you will have to supply state officials with a large amount of personal information, which will then be made available to the public and will be easily accessible online. Sex offender registration will ruin your reputation and significantly limit where you live or work. If you fail to register, you almost certainly face severe criminal charges.

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At the law office of Gagne, Scherer & Associates, we have a thorough understanding of how the penalties of a military sex conviction can have long-lasting effects on many different aspects of your life. Not only can a prison sentence keep you away from your family and friends for an extended period of time, but sex offender registration can significantly impair your future professional prospects and your reputation in general.

We have represented quality people in military court for many years. We’re sensitive to both the criminal and broader social consequences of a military criminal case, especially one involving allegations of sexual assault or other sex-related misconduct. Rather than seek publicity, we prefer to protect our clients’ privacy as much as possible, and we’re committed to discreet representation. We’re also committed to honoring the highest professional standards, inside and outside the courtroom.

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